Does Your Content Have an Identity Crisis?

We live in a world that is marked by differences — and that’s probably a good thing. After all, what would it be like if everything was exactly the same? Imagine if everyone wore the same clothes, had blues eyes, and was bald. It would be hard to tell anyone apart. If someone knocked on your door, is it a policeman or a plumber? Who knows…they all look the same. Imagine the chaos that could bring (not to mention how boring it would be!

Welcome to the world of unstructured content.

Unstructured content lives in this world, where nothing has an identity and content is in a state of chaos. And chaos is the enemy of efficiency. Think of the problems that not being able to properly identify your content will cause. How do you find it? And how can you be sure you have effectively updated it when you’ve copied and pasted it to many documents? Here are ways to get your content out of its identity crisis:

Give it an identity with the help of an XML content management system.

An XML content management system can provide some much-needed structure to your content. Using XML, you can tag your content to identify paragraphs from list items, or tasks from concepts. You can also identify its relatives – a task is a child of a topic. Now, your content can show its ID so editing and publishing tools will know exactly what it is and how it’s related to other content.

Consolidate it.

Now that you’ve given some structure to your content, think of how much easier your life would be if it could be placed in one convenient, centralized location. Put all of that structured content in a content management system where it can all live happily together. Now, when you need text, graphics, or a multimedia file, you can find it more quickly without the massive manhunt through hard drives and corporate networks. With a CMS, unstructured content (word processing files, spreadsheets, PDFs, and other file types) is easy to consolidate in the same repository.

Reuse it.

In many cases, unstructured content contains a lot of duplicate content and reduces your operating efficiency. Eliminate duplicate content and inaccuracies by reusing content pieces rather than copying and pasting them. Since content is only ever stored one time in the CMS and “copies” are really “reuses,” your content base will shrink considerably while your quality improves.

Describe it.

Give your content a little personality with metadata. Metadata can help you find the right content, categorize your content, or determine how the content is to be processed. Was this content created before or after the release date? Should this content be reviewed by a dermatologist or a cardiologist? Does it get translated into Spanish, Chinese, or both? Metadata can give you the answers.

Let Vasont Systems provide some structure to your content.

Vasont Systems can provide a user-friendly XML content management system that will dramatically improve your organization’s operating efficiency. Call us at 717-764-9720 or visit our website for help in getting started with your content management strategy.