Encouraging Your Team to Love Your CMS Strategy

As a manager, you’re excited because your organization is going to buy a content management system (CMS) and implement a new strategy to help streamline your writing and publishing efforts – YEA! Now, you have to get your writers on board with the idea. Hmm. This could be tough, because some writers aren’t real receptive to change, and this will definitely rock their world. They won’t be able to do their jobs the way they have always done it anymore. Now, they might own content modules, but not entire books. They will have to share their content – oh my!

How can you encourage your team to embrace this new strategy? Here are some tips from companies who have lived through the change:

Rah, rah! from the top.

Show a commitment from your management team. If your management team shows support and enthusiasm for this initiative, it will convey its importance to the staff and spread excitement for the project.

Map it out.

Have a plan on when and how the implementation will take place. Present an organized strategy to the staff so they know what to expect. Set goals and milestones with realistic timelines so the staff has targets to shoot for. An organized approach will help to ease their fears.

Talk it up.

Communicate the benefits to your staff early in the process. Help them to understand why this is a good move for the organization as a whole and how it will make their individual jobs better. Then, reiterate the benefits to them often. It’s been proven that repetition increases retention rates!

Be democratic.

Solicit feedback, concerns, and ideas from everyone. The IT guys…the writers…the lawyers…the marketers…everyone will have a completely different perspective on the process. Gather as much information as possible and incorporate the good ideas into the new process. People will accept the change more readily if they have input into the process.

Sell the key peer.

Get the go-to person in the group on board with the plan. There’s always that one person in the group who is respected by the rest of the staff as the peer who can answer questions and give good advice. If this person is a champion of the project, they can persuade the rest of the staff to jump on the bandwagon.

Train, train, train.

Make sure the staff gets all the training they need: concepts and skills training, tools training, and process training. It won’t do them any good if they know what button to push but they don’t understand why they should push it. Training is an ongoing process; continue later with advanced training to broaden the staff’s knowledge and skills.

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