To Implement or Not to Implement a CMS NOW: That Is the Question

Implementing a component content management system (CMS) is a big endeavor, and choosing the right tool to fit an organization’s needs is critical to its success. It can be tedious to compare and contrast CMSs to be sure you choose the right one, but when you finally make your decision, it’s exciting to know what possibilities exist for your future! Big benefits await you!

Why do companies put off purchasing a CMS?

You’re all ready to move forward with your CMS implementation, but then, something happens that postpones the purchase. The management team changes, and now you must justify your CMS choice – again. Or quarterly financials come out below forecast, prompting the inevitable “spending freeze” announcement. Or maybe the management team decides that they’re satisfied with the status quo. And there’s always the fear that the CMS implementation will not be met with open arms by certain staff members.

The list of reasons for delaying a CMS purchase goes on. But is it really smart to postpone your implementation? When you consider the benefit of saving money using a business content management system, it’s clear that your company should implement one sooner rather than later. Here is one BIG tip to help you justify the decision to continue moving forward with your CMS implementation:

Is a business CMS cost effective? Do the math.

When a CMS implementation is put on hold, managers sometimes think they are saving the organization money because they aren’t spending money on a CMS. Instead, they can just continue producing their documentation the old way. The old method has been working OK for years, right? So, what’s another year without a CMS going to hurt?

Well, it will hurt…a lot. Some quick math will show how much you will lose in savings if you postpone your implementation.

For example, suppose you operate at a cost of $700,000 per month to produce your documentation without using a CMS. Assume the CMS costs $150,000 with a 3-month payback period, and you project $6 million savings per year (or $500,000 per month) after a 6-month implementation.

If you postpone the investment for 3 months, you have already lost $150,000, or the cost of the CMS, because during that time, you will have generated enough savings to pay off the cost of the CMS. For each month that you postpone the CMS implementation beyond 6 months, you lose $500,000 per month ― in other words, you spend $500,000 more per month in costs to produce documentation than you would have if the staff were using a CMS.

You’ll end up saving money using a business content management system.

As you can see in this example and by the green shaded area in the graph, the cost of postponing an implementation far outweighs the cost of proceeding. Yes, there is an investment to be made, but the sooner you buy and implement the CMS, the sooner you save.

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