Tips for Building an Executive Summary Presentation to Sell a Content Management System to Your Management Team

We’ve blogged previously with tips about how to get your management team to buy into the idea and fund a content management system (CMS). One of those tips was that one presentation does not fit all. Know your audience and plan an appropriate presentation.

Now, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. If you are presenting to your upper management team, you need a high level, compelling executive summary presentation that will convince them to give you a budget for a CMS. But, what do you include in this presentation? Here are tips for topics to include in your executive summary presentation for your management team:

“This presentation provides…”

Briefly explain the subject of your presentation. Be clear and concise. Don’t spend more than a few minutes on this part. Explain what you’re there to talk about and define at a high level any unfamiliar terms or concepts. Make sure to hit the hot points that will spark the interest of the management team. You only have a few minutes to grab their attention before they start checking their phone for email or walk out the door for another meeting. Once they do that, you’re done.

“We analyzed the following…”

Briefly explain how you evaluated your current situation. What methods did you use to research and analyze your situation? Over what period of time did you conduct your research? Show that you’ve really done your homework in a methodical and thorough manner.

“Our results show that…”

Briefly unveil your findings. Where are your inefficiencies? What are the areas of weakness that need immediate attention? Show the significant statistics that will make the management team feel the pain that your department or division feels on a regular basis.

“We conclude that…”

Briefly explain your conclusions. What is the status of your group now and, if you keep working in the same manner, where will you be in another year? In five years? Show how your inefficiencies will be an ongoing detriment to the organization.

“We propose…”

Briefly present your recommendations and any statistics you can include to justify your proposed solution. How do you expect a CMS to benefit the organization? How much money will you save? How will it make your processes more effective? Finally, ask for the money to provide the tools and resources you will need to make your recommendations happen.

Last tips…

Be brief in all areas. (Did you notice each tip started with “Briefly”?) This is called an executive summary for a reason…it should be a summary of your proposal. Remember, you’re presenting to busy, powerful people. State your facts as quickly and concisely as possible. Get to the point immediately. Executives don’t have time for details…just give them the compelling summary of your research and recommendations. Lastly, don’t bore them with a deck of slides. In fact, you may not want to use slides at all.

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