Tips for Creating a Content Strategy

Do you have a content strategy to guide your content lifecycle? As your content base grows, it is more critical than ever to have a solid content strategy in place. A good content strategy maintains integrity across your content base and keeps the processes through which your content flows consistent. Here are some tips for creating a strong content strategy:

Decide what you want your content to accomplish.

Is your content instructional or educational? Is it establishing your corporate brand and image with the public? How can your content help you reach your business’s goals? Decide on the purpose of your content and how it fits into your organization’s overall goals, and then write accordingly.

Decide what deliverables your content strategy should include.

Who is using your content? Where are they using it…at work, at home, on the go? When do they need it? Determine where you need to deliver your content based on where your audience is going to look for it. Don’t forget social media sites…this is one piece of the larger content strategy that is sometimes overlooked.

Make better use of existing content.

How can your current content be more useful for your audience? Some ideas might include: making it more searchable using metadata; eliminating similar (and possibly conflicting) content; and consolidating content to a usable minimum by eliminating the “fluff.”

Add more content without creating more challenges.

When adding new content to your existing content base, apply the same rules to new content as you did with your current content: make it searchable, consistent, and minimalistic. Don’t create additional headaches for your customers by creating new content that is harder to find, for example. Consistency is the key.

Keep your strategy current.

Take time to review your strategy periodically and make sure it is still aligned with your goals. Advances in technology or changes in your organization’s goals may affect your content strategy and require adjustments to keep it synchronized.

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