Tips for Funding a Content Management System

You want a content management system (CMS) to get a better handle on your content base. The purchase is a bigger expenditure than you have the authority to approve. Now, you have to go to your management team to get funding for the project. But in these times where budgets are tight and spending is limited, funding a CMS can be a challenge. While marketing may not be your area of expertise, a little salesmanship may be necessary to justify the corporate CMS cost.

Getting your immediate manager to buy in to the purchase might be fairly easy since this manager knows the pain your group suffers first-hand. Now it’s time to climb the ranks and convince the upper management team that this project is worthy of some spending. But getting these VPs and CFO to open the purse strings can be a much harder sell. Here are things you can do to convince your management team and get the funds you need to purchase a CMS:

Do your homework.

Be prepared to go through the appropriate channels that are required for funding a CMS. Understand the decision and funding process for your company before approaching the executive staff with your request for a content management system. If you know the ropes, it’s easier to climb them.

Tailor your message.

When “selling” a system to your executive staff, don’t try to make one presentation fit all executives. The CIO cares about how it will affect the workload of his IT staff, but the CFO wants to know the costs vs. savings. Some managers like graphs, while others like to see the numbers. Customize your presentation to the executive to whom you are presenting. Try to put yourself in each executive’s shoes and reveal the ways a CMS could benefit his or her specific area of responsibility.

Predict the improvements.

Document the potential cost savings and increased efficiencies that you anticipate from the CMS. Study your documentation process and find the weaknesses. Where can we improve? Can resources be shared with other groups? What can be automated? Attach costs associated with the pain points and compare it to the potential savings a CMS will bring. Be clear about how the benefits of a CMS will outweigh the initial corporate CMS cost in the long run.

Plan, plan, plan.

As the saying goes, a failing plan is planning to fail. Have a detailed implementation plan ready. Dedicate a project manager and implementation team to this project to ensure it happens on schedule. In addition, make sure your production work can still get done throughout the transition. Also try to anticipate the problems that could occur during the implementation phase. Study examples of CMS implementations at other organizations to see what they did right, as well as what they could have done better.

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