Tips for Managing the Customer Experience

Technical communicators play a key role in keeping an organization’s customers happy. As a primary touch point between the company and the customer, the content you produce and deliver can make customers feel comfortable and satisfied about your products and services when it is accurate and easily accessible. On the other hand, it can frustrate customers and send them to your competitors when instructions and information aren’t clear and helpful. The experience a customer has when using your content can make a big difference in their loyalty to your company.

The cost to find new customers is five times greater than the cost of retaining your current customers. To keep those costs down, it’s important to keep the customer experience forefront to develop and deliver quality content that will meet your customers’ goals. Here are some tips to help you manage the customer experience:

Eliminate the confusion.

Confused customers increase the calls you receive in your support department, and they can tarnish your brand to other potential customers. So, make sure your content is accurate and consistent across all of your deliverables to avoid confusing your customers with different messages. Use a component content management system (CCMS) to store content once and reuse it to eliminate the creation of similar (but different and possibly conflicting) content.

Give them only what they want.

When you need troubleshooting information for your broken appliance, it’s annoying to open the user guide and be forced to leaf through a 50-page manual when the information for your model, in your language, is mixed in with 4 other languages and 3 different models of the same appliance. Conditional publishing can provide only the content your customers need. Using metadata on your content in a CCMS, you can extract only the appropriate content for the product, audience, and deliverable so your customers can find help faster, with much less angst.

Give them information when they want it.

If you are putting together a new gas grill on Christmas day, you want access to the instructions at that moment. Provide thorough documentation with the product or make it accessible online anytime so people can access it when they need it…even on holidays.

Give them information where they want it.

Are your customers looking for your content using a laptop, tablet computer, or a smart phone? Publish your information in the proper formats for each device so it views well. For example, viewing information on a website built for a high resolution may be difficult to read on a smart phone, so consider using a responsive web design to accommodate many devices in one deliverable.

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