Tips for Repurposing Your Content

One of the great things about putting your content in an XML content management system (CMS) is that your content is now ready for anything! Why? Because structured content is portable. You can reuse and repurpose your content into many different deliverables for your consumers. Even if you begin by putting technical documentation into your CMS, you can use this content to create many different publications in all kinds of formats. Here are some ideas for repurposing your content:

Make an app for that.

If you’re like many people these days, apps play a big role in your daily activities. Apps (applications) can be created for virtually anything, and they can run on smart phones, laptops, desktop or tablet computers. Consider your consumers and see if it makes sense to publish some of your content to an App. For example, create an App for remote or mobile staff such as field service technicians or nurses to look up information while on the job. Consumers of your products might enjoy looking up product instructions through an App as well.

Give them what they need.

CMS content reuse can make it much faster and easier for users to find information. For instance, if you sell a software product, consider CMS content reuse for providing context-sensitive help in the software in addition to compiled help. Context-sensitive help will give the users only the information that is appropriate for a specific window. Users can get the information they need when they need it without fumbling through an entire manual.

Educate your consumers and staff.

These days, savvy consumers often turn to the Internet to learn more about products they are thinking of purchasing or already own. The Web can also serve as a valuable training tool for your team members. CMS content repurposing is ideally suited for Web-based education and training. Consider repurposing your technical documentation to a knowledge base or training website for your internal staff or clients. It’s a great way to provide self-paced, free or fee-based training that’s available 24/7.

Wrap it.

Product packaging and labeling often times contains information that also resides in the documentation, such as features or specifications. Consider reusing this content and publishing your packaging from the CMS too. You will be sure that the information is consistent in all places. You’ll also find that CMS content repurposing makes it much easier to update packaging and labeling information in all places when changes occur.

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