Tips for Content Management Training

While structured authoring for content management can lead to more consistent ways to process content in your organization, the actual implementation of a structured authoring approach can pose a significant challenge. As with any new process, workers need to become familiar with how to incorporate structured authoring for content management into their specific job functions. They also need to learn how to use it in the most effective manner.

Training is critical to a successful content management strategy. For writers who are used to working in word processing or composition programs, there are so many new things to learn. To avoid overwhelming them, provide ongoing, strategic training to get them familiar with new methods of authoring in a content management environment. Start the content management strategy  training early, and continue to build on it as the implementation progresses so they are ready to go when the new strategy goes into effect. Here are tips for a strategic training program:

Start with concepts and skills.

For writers that are being exposed to the world of content management for the first time, expect a substantial learning curve. A good way to begin is to help them master the fundamentals. To set the stage for the rest of the content management strategy training, start by introducing new concepts. What is content management? What is content reuse? What benefits does it provide for an organization? How will it change the job of a writer? Then, begin to train new skills, such as XML basics, topic-based writing, text reduction, and content mapping.

Follow with tools training.

Since writers will use new tools to write and edit content, follow the concepts and skills training with tools training. Include training on the tools they will use, which may include the content management system, XML editor, and publishing tools. However, make sure this training is done when the writers are ready to use the tools. If you do it too far in advance, they may forget much of what they learned.

End with processes.

After you develop the new processes for your content management strategy, train the writers on these new processes. Provide the standards and procedures for specific tasks, modularization, reuse maximization, corporate strategies, guidelines, and governance processes that your organization is putting in place.

We Can Help with Your Content Management Strategy Training

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