Tips for Winning the Digital Content Revolution

Some of the hottest gifts in the last year were tablet computers, ebook readers, and smart phones. Even though many versions of these devices are powerful, customers still flock to the store as soon as possible to get newer models the day they’re released. 

Together, these things emphasize how communications are changing; people want to access information digitally on these mobile devices more than ever. And they can’t afford to spend more than a few seconds waiting for the information to load.

It has also added more complexity for communicators to publish their content in even more formats for more devices. Add to that the fact that there is no standard format for ebooks, and the situation gets even more complicated.

Your customers have grown to expect a seamless experience as they migrate across their devices, from a smartphone to a tablet to a laptop. Anything less than seamless may lead to frustration, which could lead to customer churn.

So, how can you get your arms around the constant changes and new technologies of digital publishing? Here are some tips to get your content ready:

Get structured.
One of the benefits of XML is that it is portable. If you haven’t yet converted your content to XML, you should. If your content is already in XML, you are one step ahead. XML is a standard format that can be used to create many of these new deliverables, all from the same source content.

As the Internet of Things – the idea that appropriate devices will be connected to the Internet – becomes more of a reality, the need for XML will become that much more pronounced.

Take control of your content.
Use a component content management system to store and manage your content and the processes needed to create, translate, and publish it. You can easily and automatically customize the content that gets published to each device to meet any specific requirements.

Content management systems allow you to get a handle on all of your content – training documents, marketing collateral, users’ guides and other digital content. While technology has certainly given businesses the ability to produce quality content quickly, the speed of production and amount of materials can be overwhelming to manage if you don’t have the right tools.

A strong content management system gives you full control over all of these documents, allowing you to maximize their effectiveness while growing your brand.

Find publishing tools that serve multiple purposes.
There are publishing tools available that allow you to publish to multiple formats. Examples include WebWorks, Adobe FrameMaker Publishing Server, and the DITA Open Toolkit, among others. These tools can make your life much easier and keep your toolbox small.

With the wealth of data and documents your business has on hand, it can be difficult to figure out your best content management strategy. The good news is that you don’t have to struggle managing everything on your own. At Vasont Systems, we understand that you’ve got a heavy workload. 

Don’t worry: We’ll help you lighten it. When you choose Vasont, you’ll benefit from a friendly and knowledgeable team of experts who will advise you on your brand’s best strategy moving forward. We build relationships with our clients, and we strive to ensure they meet all of their goals – on time and within budget.

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