What Does a CCMS Do That Other Systems Don’t?

We often hear questions like, “Can I still use DITA if I don’t have a component content management system (CCMS)?“ . The answer is “Yes“ …but… Like any method of publishing, you can perform various functions to a certain point without a CCMS. However, there are things a CCMS does that other tools don’t do that can make you more effective in your publishing process:

Eliminates duplication of content.

Without a CCMS, you will inevitably end up with multiple copies of the same content, whether it’s for producing multiple releases of products simultaneously or for publishing to many different media channels. Copying and pasting content across multiple files or duplicating files to create other deliverables will get you in trouble when it comes to updating content. A CCMS stores content one time as the trusted single source. Everything is updated and produced from this single source, so consistency and quality of content is easy to maintain.

Manages simultaneous releases.

If you have lots of similar products, or variations of products, with releases that run on simultaneous schedules, your documentation for these products can quickly get out of hand. A CCMS gets release management back into control by maintaining relationships between your releases and reusing content where appropriate.

Manages translations.

For multi-national organizations, the complexity of content management multiplies by the number of languages you must produce. Coordinating content to be translated with content that is already translated becomes a more automated process using a CCMS that saves an average of 78% in translation costs.

Controls the content lifecycle.

A CCMS is the control tower for everything content-related. It implements a repeatable, consistent cycle for content creation, editing, reviewing, translation, and publishing that decreases cycle times by an average of 75%. It controls how and when content moves through the processes. A CCMS controls who can and cannot access or change content. It controls what changes can be made. A CCMS monitors and controls everything that happens to your content.

Provides an automatic audit trail.

In addition to being the content control tower, a CCMS tracks and maintains the history of everything done to content. Processes can be monitored; changes can be tracked…all down to precise details. This is perfect for reporting status updates, managing projects to keep them on schedule, or providing information for regulatory requirements.

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