The Value of Using a CCMS with XML Content

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is: “Why do I need to use a Component Content Management System (CCMS) if I am already developing and publishing my content in XML?” These teams are often using an XML editor to author their content and publishing through tools like the DITA Open Toolkit. Problem solved, right? Or is it?

Moving to an XML format for content development is a great first step. XML gets you to a common, standard platform that is easily readable and transferable to many different tools and deliverables. Content can be readily shared across documents because they are now in the same format. XML also provides structure to your content that makes it easy to see how each element is defined. It separates content from presentation styling so writers can focus on the quality of the content instead of the look and feel of the final deliverable. And it supports documents in multiple languages.

So, what is the value of adding a CCMS to the content development process?

8 reasons you should use a CCMS with XML content





























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