CCMS for Government Agencies

Most government agencies consist of multiple departments, each preparing its own unique set of documents. This can make content management across the agency an especially daunting challenge. Vasont Systems provides an effective content management system for government agencies that can streamline and simplify the entire document management process.

A component content management system (CCMS) for government/defense from Vasont Systems will also enable you to better organize agency assets across every relevant department. This will help all parties get the most out of your content.

CCMS That “Speaks the Language” of Government

Government agencies use document type definitions (DTD) that are specific to their industry. This poses a variety of challenges for creating and publishing content that many government content management solution providers are not equipped to deal with.

The Vasont® CCMS can handle multiple DTDs at one time. This is especially beneficial for government agencies with multiple departments that have different specs. Regardless of your agency’s size or scope, we can configure our CCMS software to meet your exact content requirements.

Flexibility for Government Agencies

Flexibility is one characteristic that any government content management solution must have. At Vasont Systems, our content management systems are highly adaptable – you can make changes and upgrades quickly and easily to accommodate changes in the industry. Our CCMS for government agencies also lets you select from a wide range of user-friendly editing and publishing tools that can be incorporated into your existing operating procedures.

Other Important Benefits

When you choose Vasont Systems for your government agency’s CCMS, you’ll benefit from

  • The ability to centralize and share content that is scattered throughout your agency
  • Increased accuracy when updating content, particularly when compared to manual processing
  • Greater content security, which is crucial to most government agencies — access becomes limited to authorized personnel who are assigned unique user IDs
  • Timely delivery of government publications
  • Shorter editorial cycles and automated alerts issued to users, which remind them of approaching due dates

Government Content Management Solutions Backed by Superior Support

At Vasont Systems, we don’t just sell content management systems; we also provide a full menu of support services. Our goal is to foster lasting partnerships with all of our government clients. We’ll be there to assist you with CCMS implementation, and we’ll also provide world-class training for your users. You’ll also get the benefit of prompt and reliable technical support long after the implementation is complete.

Contact Us to Learn More

To learn more about how the Vasont Component Content Management System can be the perfect solution for your government agency, contact us today. We can also provide a no-obligation CCMS quote.