Vasont Systems Introduces Vasont Inspire, the New Light Authoring Tool for Content Contributors, at the 2017 LavaCon Conference

Vasont Systems launches the next generation of structured authoring for content contributors

York, PA – October 30, 2017 - Vasont Systems is launching their new light authoring tool, called Vasont Inspire, at the LavaCon Conference on November 5-7, 2017 at the Hilton Downtown Portland in Portland, Oregon. This tool fills the need for authors with no knowledge of XML to easily work in an XML editing environment.

Organizations often use subject matter experts (SMEs) to contribute content to their websites and publications. Content is being submitted in unstructured formats, such as word processing files.  With the new paradigm of structured authoring in the corporate workplace, these SMEs, commonly referred to as “light authors”, are being asked to use complex XML editing tools to develop their content, a skill they often do not possess. To eliminate the frustration for these light authors, Vasont Inspire solves this issue by providing a simple, Word-like web interface for subject matter experts to develop or edit content in a structured format while hiding the complexity of XML.

Several of Vasont Systems’ current clients who use the Vasont Component Content Management System have beta tested Vasont Inspire. One client stated, “I really believe that this product will be the best in the market.”

Attendees at the LavaCon Conference can take a test drive of Vasont Inspire at Vasont Systems’ exhibit (booth 12) by stopping by the booth or scheduling a time with the exhibit staff.