Vasont Systems Releases the Next Generation of Component Content Management Systems

Content creators and reviewers are “Inspired” for Vasont Systems’ new simplified component content management system

York, PA – April 2, 2018 - Vasont Systems, a top provider of component content management software and data services, announced the release of the next generation of their component content management system (CCMS).  Aptly named Vasont Inspire, this new, simplified CCMS encourages authors and content contributors who are not familiar with the dynamics of XML to create, edit, and review structured content. The Vasont Inspire CCMS was released on March 30, 2018; this web-based system is available as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or on-premise solution.

While the content development industry has experienced a paradigm shift to XML in the last two decades, many authors, contributors, and subject matter experts remained entrenched in tools that produce unstructured content and file formats that are not compatible with other tools and processes. Now that content is often delivered to multiple media channels in many different languages, it is critical for organizations to adopt a more effective process using XML. XML provides the portability needed to more easily manage multichannel publishing of single language or multilingual content. However, the problem still exists: content developers need to work in XML but often do not possess the skills to do so.

To provide a simpler user experience, Vasont Inspire presents a built-in, intuitive authoring, editing, and reviewing interface for those content developers and reviewers who do not have XML skills. It also gives more flexibility for organizing and managing content and projects to suit each organization’s needs. Content is secured and accessed through single sign-on capabilities, as well as role-based permissions. Users have round-the clock access to their content in this web-based tool, making global collaboration easy.

Vasont Inspire’s new underlying architecture allows content developers to work more effectively. In comparison to its predecessor, the CCMS has shown up to 75% improvement in speed. Additionally, users can search and find content with less clicks due to the simpler interface.  These gains in speed and productivity allow businesses to yield more output with the same level of resources.

“We are excited to provide this new solution for our clients,” said Suzanne Mescan, President of Vasont Systems. “We incorporated many ideas from our client base to develop Vasont Inspire and focused on making the user experience simple and easy. We believe this product will fill the need for easy content development while producing XML behind the scenes.”

For more information about the Vasont Inspire CCMS, please contact Vasont Systems.