New Tool Analyzes: Is a Component Content Management System Right for You?

Vasont Systems’ new tool helps organizations analyze their current content lifecycle for improvement opportunities in efficiencies and costs

EMIGSVILLE, PA – December 20, 2012 – Organizations looking for areas to improve their efficiencies often consider investing in a component content management system (CCMS) to manage their critical content assets. The challenge is often in determining if a CCMS is really the right tool to save their organization time and money in their content processes. Vasont Systems has updated their Crash Course for Content Management to include a new tool called, “Is a Component Content Management System Right for You?” This tool provides a quick and simple analyzer to help organizations make the decision about using a CCMS. The new tool is available for free on Vasont Systems’ website.

The Crash Course for Content Management is a self-guided training course for beginners, taking them through the basic nuts and bolts of content management. The course includes tutorials on what content management is and how it benefits organizations. This new analyzer tool goes one step further by allowing users to evaluate their own unique situations and conclude if a CCMS is the right fit for their organizations.

Vasont Systems, a top developer of component content management solutions, has been providing free tools for organizations to learn about component content management for more than 15 years. In addition to the popular Crash Course for Content Management, Vasont Systems’ CMS Starter Kit has been utilized thousands of times by companies that are looking for training about component content management. These resources and others are all available for free.