Vasont Systems' Free Webinar Series Presents a Case Study of HP's Content Management Journey

HP's story provides advice on how to successfully implement a component content management system to manage global content and multichannel publishing

 EMIGSVILLE, PA – May 28, 2013 – For organizations that are contemplating a content management strategy, this webinar provides a road map of tips for successfully implementing a component content management system (CMS) and maintaining its success for more than a decade. "Gaining Value from Global Content Using a CMS: A Case Study of Hewlett-Packard" will be presented on June 13, 2013 at 1:00 pm Eastern time. Registration for this free webinar is open at

Guest speaker Brent Murphy, Business Manager for Hewlett-Packard, will share his experience regarding the value proposition of implementing and utilizing a CMS to manage technical documentation for a global audience. Starting in 2001, HP and Vasont Systems began a journey to implement a component content management solution within HP that would meet their global technical documentation requirements while adding value back to the company. Brent will explore the value propositions that were put forth when the project began and share what value propositions have been realized over the past ten years. In addition, he will also examine and share those value propositions that exist today and how companies who utilize a CMS can benefit from these opportunities.