Vasont® CMS Software Extension for oXygen 15.0 Improves Editorial Productivity

The latest release of oXygen XML editor is supported by the Vasont Content Management System

 EMIGSVILLE, PA - June 25, 2013 - Vasont Systems, a top component content management system (CCMS) software provider, verified that their Vasont Universal Integrator (VUI) extension supports Syncro Soft’s latest software, oXygen® XML Editor 15.0. Using the VUI, the Vasont CCMS makes it easy for its users to create and edit XML content in oXygen while utilizing content from the Vasont database.

Released earlier this month, oXygen XML Editor 15.0 enhances the productivity of its developers and content authors by improving its reviewing support with features that allow users to easily find edits across all files and publish to mobile devices. Using the Vasont CMS software extension, or VUI, users can leverage the CMS’s content reuse and version capabilities to maintain control of their content while working in oXygen. The integration between the Vasont CMS and oXygen 15.0 create an XML publishing system for multichannel delivery.

“Version 15, the latest release of oXygen XML Editor is even more complementary with Vasont's CMS products" says Sarah Draper, Director of Channel Sales & Marketing at Syncro Soft, the makers of oXygen XML Editor. "Combined, we have created a powerful solution for enterprise users which not only makes the editorial process much smoother but it enables organizations to manage their documentation and information efficiently and effectively thereby making cost savings in editorial and content development”.

For more information about oXygen 15.0, visit the oXygen website.