Release ST2.1 of the Vasont Content Management System Is Now Available

Vasont Systems delivers time-saving enhancements to its flagship XML CMS offerings

EMIGSVILLE, PA - July 25, 2011 - Vasont Systems today announced the release of the next interim version of their XML content management system (CMS), Vasont® ST 2.1, which enables users to store multilingual content once for maximum reuse and deliver it to multiple media channels. This release improves the CMS's editorial and project management environments for users, managers and system administrators. Vasont ST 2.1 is available on July 25, 2011 for both the perpetual license and SaaS (software as a service) content management system models.

Vasont ST 2.1 includes enhancements in the following areas:

Versions: The Version Compare feature in the Vasont CMS has been augmented to allow users to apply their preferred style formats, such as change bars or colored highlights, to show the differences between two versions of content, making it quick and easy for users to see the changes made to content over time.

Preview: Users can preview content in a variety of styles for many different purposes; for example, to highlight relevant content for a specific department, to show the status of various content or its translations, or to emphasize recently changed or reused content. In addition, users can quickly and easily navigate from content in the Preview to the corresponding content in the tree view for editing and approval.

Project Management and Workflow: Important project-level and task-based information can be captured and used to sort and filter projects for better tracking and reporting. Managerial privileges in active workflows have been expanded, giving managers more flexibility to control and adjust their business processes as needed.

Annotations: While viewing or creating annotations to content in Vasont, users can now collaborate with other users directly from the Annotations window. Additionally, the new Workflow and Annotations Report provides users and managers with more complete information about the status of the selected content.

Content Configuration: New enhancements allow Vasont administrators to create and update alias attributes more quickly, making system configurations easier and more efficient.

Designed to improve productivity and control costs, the Vasont CMS makes it easy for organizations to manage their multilingual technical documentation and business information. The system's comprehensive single-source functionality stores content once, ensuring accuracy and increasing the efficiency of repurposing content to multiple media formats while managing the workflow and the overall business process of creating and publishing content.