Vasont Systems Shares How to Manage the Change in Roles When Moving to a Structured Writing Environment

Upcoming webinar helps managers transition their staff to a content management system (CMS)

EMIGSVILLE, PA – January 27, 2014 – Vasont Systems, a Transperfect Company, will host a free webinar to discuss “Managing the Changing Roles of Writers When Moving to a Structured Authoring and Content Management Strategy" on January 29, 2014 at 1:00 pm Eastern time. This webinar will present ideas to help managers and trainers oversee this shift to a content management strategy, with a particular focus on how roles change and how to make the changes easier for writers. Registration for this webinar is open and free to the public at

While moving content to a structured writing environment and a multilingual content management system improves cost savings in the production, editorial, and review processes, it can also bring a lot of fear and uncertainty to the writers and editors in the company. Because this brings change in roles and responsibilities, people may feel uneasy about the implementation. It is up to the manager to determine what those new roles and processes will be and how to implement them, making this change an easy and smooth transition for all involved. Suzanne Mescan of Vasont Systems will discuss the benefits of implementing a structured authoring environment and how this change will affect the roles and processes with a company. She will also share with attendees how to find the best CMS for their company and make the transition to a content management strategy smoother for writers.