Vasont CMS Supports Publishing to Apps for Mobile Devices

Vasont Systems reveals its new “App” for documentation at the Intelligent Content 2011 conference

EMIGSVILLE, PA - February 1, 2011 - Vasont Systems, a provider of XML content management software and data services, today announced that the Vasont Content Management System (CMS) supports publishing to "apps" (applications) for mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablet computers. They will demonstrate their new app for their own Vasont Content Management System's user manuals at the Intelligent Content 2011 conference in Palm Springs, CA on February 16-18, 2011.

The demonstration will illustrate how technical documentation can be managed and reused through editorial cycles using the Vasont CMS, and then published to multiple deliverables, including apps for mobile phones and tablet computers, compiled help, HTML, PDF, and others. Using their own content, Vasont Systems created an app to access the user manuals for the Vasont CMS that can be used on Android mobile devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab or a variety of smart phones.

"Apps have become very popular on smart phones and tablet computers for a variety of purposes," said Suzanne Mescan, Vice President of Marketing at Vasont Systems. "Many of our clients believe that publishing subsets of their content to Android or IPhone apps will be very useful for their customers. For example, important technical documentation can now be published to a tablet computer for field service managers who need the information to fix a piece of equipment at their fingertips while onsite."

Designed to improve productivity and time-to-market of products, the Vasont CMS makes it easy for organizations to manage their multilingual technical documentation and business information. The system's comprehensive single-source functionality stores content once, ensuring accuracy and increasing the efficiency of repurposing content to multiple media formats.

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