Vasont Systems Boosts Its Vasont® CMS Integration with Adobe® FrameMaker®

Enhancements to the VUI extension for FrameMaker elevates the productivity of writers and editors

EMIGSVILLE, PA – March 26, 2013 – Writers who use Adobe® FrameMaker® to create and edit their XML content that is managed and stored in the Vasont® Content Management System can now work faster and more efficiently. Vasont Systems, a top provider of component content management system (CMS) software, has added improvements to their Vasont Universal Integrator (VUI) extension for FrameMaker that allow users to more easily work with and view content and graphics from the Vasont CMS. The upgraded VUI for FrameMaker was released on March 16, 2013.

The VUI for FrameMaker allows writers and editors to work solely in the FrameMaker interface while accessing their text, graphics, and workflow tasks from the Vasont CMS through a simple menu in the FrameMaker toolbar. Improvements to the VUI include: a graphical interface to search, view, and select images in the Vasont CMS for reuse in a FrameMaker document; a wizard to easily guide users through creating cross-references; and tighter integrations with FrameMaker's map editor and author views.

"The seamless integration between the Vasont CMS and Adobe FrameMaker works like a charm," said Saibal Bhattacharjee, a Senior Product Marketing Manager for the Technical Communication business at Adobe. "Tighter integration and synergies between the industry-leading content authoring and management engines will ensure better version control, more streamlined single-sourcing workflows and increased ease of component reusability enabling faster go-to-market."

"We are continuing to augment our VUI with new features to help writers and editors work better, faster, and cheaper," said Suzanne Mescan, Vice President of Marketing for Vasont Systems. "Corporate communications are critical to the success of an organization. Vasont Systems, in partnership with Adobe, are committed to providing ways for writers to produce quality content in a more effective way using tools like the Vasont CMS and Adobe FrameMaker to help increase customer loyalty."