Vasont Systems Will Provide Complimentary Education on Component Content Management Metrics and Content Collaboration in October

Vasont Systems will discuss how to measure the benefits of a component content management system and how to implement successful global content collaboration in October webinars

EMIGSVILLE, PA – October 14, 2013 – Information developers, technical communications managers, and others working in the content lifecycle are invited to attend Vasont Systems’ free educational webinars in October regarding component content management system (CCMS) implementation, metrics, and global content collaboration. Vasont Systems, a top CCMS software provider, is teaming up with Merck & Co. on October 29, 2013 to present a case study on global content contributions and collaboration. The Rockley Group joins Vasont Systems on October 31, 2013 to explore the art of building metrics for a CCMS. Registration for these webinars is open and free to the public at

On October 29 at 11:00 am Eastern time, Vasont Systems and Merck & Co. will deliver the joint webinar, “How Merck Advanced Their Global Content Collaboration.” Digital Publishing Manager, Michael DeFerrari, and Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Robert Porter, of Merck & Co. will share their experiences regarding how Merck has advanced their CMS and processes to overcome the many challenges of working with a global team. Organizations are getting larger and work forces are becoming more dispersed. With these changes, it becomes more challenging for management to get the right people to collaborate on new or revised content. If organizations are considering a CCMS and have department members dispersed in various locations, it is important to find a system that enables employees to work together to efficiently manage content from afar. Like many of Vasont Systems’ clients, Merck & Co. requires hundreds of writers from across the globe to compose and edit content in order to complete products consistently.  With a large team so widely scattered, Merck & Co. experienced many obstacles regarding the technologies needed to maintain a progressing publishing schedule as well as the diverse skill levels of its team members. Registration for this webinar is open at

On October 31 at 1:00 pm Eastern time, Ann Rockley, President of The Rockley Group, will join Vasont Systems to talk in-depth about “Measuring Metrics for a Component Content Management System.” Technical communicators are often tasked with researching the benefits of using a CCMS to manage and produce their business information. Understanding metrics initially and knowing how to continue to measure the benefits may take time and commitment, but it is crucial for any organization to learn in order to reap the benefits of owning a CCMS. The discussion will include how people can measure the benefits of using a CCMS and what metrics can be used to take those measurements. To register for this event, go to