Vasont Systems Partners with Design Science for MathML Tools and Support

Combines editing and formatting of mathematical equations with Vasont CMS for scientific, engineering, and technical publishing customers

EMIGSVILLE, PA and LONG BEACH, CA – July 29, 2013 - Creating and publishing mathematical content requires skilled technical writers armed with tools that can accurately display and manage this complex content. A newly formed partnership between Vasont Systems and Design Science provides the combination of XML content management and MathML editing and formatting tools to efficiently write and publish mathematical content to multiple formats.

At the core of these technologies is XML, an industry standard markup language for creating portable content that can be used with many publishing tools. The Vasont® Content Management System (CMS) developed by Vasont Systems stores XML content at a component or topic level to get maximum reuse of the content. Clients average 71% content reuse, which reduces their editorial, production, translation, and publishing costs by 63% on average and shortens overall lifecycle times by an average of 75%.

The MathFlow product-line is a set of components used to add math editing, formatting, and accessibility to publishing systems. The technology at the heart of MathFlow is MathML, the XML standard for representing mathematical notation that is an integral part of many documentation and accessibility standards, including HTML 5, EPUB 3, DAISY, DITA, DocBook, NLM, etc. Using MathFlow and the Vasont CMS, organizations can improve the time and costs it takes to create, reuse, and publish scientific, engineering, or other complex mathematical content.

"Having worked in the typesetting and composition industry for 20 years, I can attest that mathematical notation has always been some of the most difficult content to create," said Suzanne Mescan, Vice President of Marketing for Vasont Systems. "The XML and MathML standards used by the Vasont CMS and MathFlow give users an easier method for managing complex content and delivering it to many different formats."

"Vasont Systems is very influential and well-respected in the document XML marketplace. We at Design Science are very happy to be partnering with them and providing mathematical content solutions to their customers," said Paul R. Topping, Design Science's CEO.

About Design Science
Design Science is a worldwide leader in software for scientific and technical communication. The company's MathType, MathFlow and MathPlayer products are used by scientists, engineers, educators, students, and publishing professionals, for authoring and publishing mathematical notation in print and online documents. DSI also licenses components and technology to OEM partners who want to math-enable their own products, and aggressively research new products and technologies, particularly those that extend our commanding lead in MathML technology. For more information please visit