Vasont Systems Releases Version ST 2.8 of the Vasont Content Management System

Enhanced CMS software focuses on editorial and publishing process improvements

EMIGSVILLE, PA — July 22, 2013 — Vasont Systems, a top component content management system (CCMS) software provider, released the latest version of their CMS software, Vasont ST 2.8. The new features and enhancements benefit the editorial and publishing processes as well as administration of the CMS, which improve overall productivity of the system. These software enhancements are available as of July 22, 2013 from Vasont Systems for both the perpetual license and SaaS models of the Vasont CMS. Vasont ST 2.8 features a new automated publishing capability that allows users to publish content from the Vasont CMS to multiple formats simultaneously and store the published documents in a specified location. This faster form of publishing eliminates the need for manual intervention while decreasing publishing cycle times. In addition, Vasont ST 2.8 offers new Web Query Access Seats for non-Vasont users to access and share the published documents that are stored in the Vasont CMS for reference purposes.

From an editorial perspective, Vasont ST 2.8 includes usability enhancements for its Vasont Universal Integrator (VUI) software extensions for XML editors. Specifically, these features allow users to easily find and reuse content from the Vasont CMS through the XML editing tool interface. Users of the VUI can more easily search for the content they need using the VUI’s new styled Preview of the content. A Quick Text Search engine is now available in the VUI navigation window.

Additionally, the Vasont CMS editorial environment contains enhancements to the user interface for easier usability and faster navigation. Vasont Administrators now have more capabilities to configure the system in a batch mode to improve CMS implementation time.

Designed to improve productivity and dynamic publishing, the Vasont CMS is a multilingual content CMS that makes it easy for organizations to manage their global information. The system’s comprehensive single-source functionality stores content once, ensuring accuracy and increasing the efficiency of repurposing content to multiple media formats while managing the workflow and the overall business process of creating and publishing content.