Vasont® Content Management System Supports oXygen® XML Editor 14.2

Vasont System's VUI extension for oXygen is certified with the latest release of the popular XML editor

EMIGSVILLE, PA – March 4, 2013 – Writers can use the newest release of oXygen software as their XML editor while managing content in the Vasont® Content Management System. Vasont Systems, a top provider of component content management system (CCMS) software, certified that their Vasont Universal Integrator (VUI) extension supports oXygen 14.2, which was released in February, 2013. Using the VUI, Vasont CCMS users are able to write and edit XML content in oXygen while accessing the Vasont CCMS through a toolbar menu option.

The oXygen XML Editor enhances the productivity of developers and content authors through an intuitive and innovative interface. Writers can author XML content in oXygen that can then be stored and managed in the Vasont CCMS through its VUI extension. Organizations that use the Vasont CCMS integrated with XML editors like oXygen have saved 52% in editorial and content development costs while reducing their editorial cycles by 59%.

"The VUI extension for oXygen provides a quick and easy way for writers to access their content and workflow processes in the Vasont CCMS directly from the oXygen interface," said Suzanne Mescan, Vice President of Marketing for Vasont Systems. "Writers get the benefit of using an easy XML editing interface while managing their content reuse and business processes in the Vasont CCMS behind the scenes."

For more information about oXygen 14.2, visit the oXygen website.