Vasont Systems Offers Free Advice for Preparing Content for Future Technologies

Vasont Systems' Senior Content Analyst is the featured speaker in the DCL Learning Series' upcoming webinar

EMIGSVILLE, PA - April 5, 2012 - If you are looking for tips on organizing content for structured authoring and publishing both now and in the future, register for the next free webinar in the DCL Learning Series, sponsored by Data Conversion Laboratory. Bill Burns, Vasont Systems' Senior Content Analyst, is the featured speaker in the upcoming webinar, "Best Practices: Preparing Content for Emerging Technologies." The free webinar will take place on April 18, 2012 at 1:00 pm Eastern Time/10:00 am Pacific Time. Those interested in attending this free event can register at

Do you have content that you want to distribute, but you are unsure of what the future holds? Looking at delivering content online? Already doing it, but think you can do it more effectively? Have a lot of content and aren't sure where to begin? Join DCL with presenter Bill Burns, as he identifies the best practices and walks you through the steps to analyze your content and normalize your data. Attendees will also learn tips for: which metadata to capture and which to scrap; which technologies to embrace, and which legacy support to drop; how styles and semantic tagging will standardize your formatting; skills that will help you manage your conversion to your schema or DTD of choice; and making the most of targeted/restrictive content. Communications managers and technical writers working with small, mid-size and large companies who are (or will be) publishing content to multiple deliverables can benefit from these strategies.

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