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How a CCMS Can Transform a Technical Writer into an Indispensable Knowledge Broker

The role of a technical writer can sometimes be perceived as a thankless one and the career path as somewhat limited. Although you perform a very important function for your organization by creating and disseminating written communication that represents its face and/or brand, you may view yourself as an employee possessing a skill set that doesn’t transfer easily to other roles. By accepting and even embracing your company’s move to a component content management system, you can increase your value and become a more marketable commodity in the process.

Benefits of the Component Content Management System for Writers

Just as the transition from the typewriter to the word processor and ultimately to the PC revolutionized the way writers of all types perform their jobs, a CCMS can expand your capabilities by leaps and bounds. By becoming an active and enthusiastic participant during the migration to a CCMS, your skills and expertise will prove invaluable in a number of ways:

  • Your unique knowledge of content organization is extremely useful in developing content models, potentially leading to roles such as information architect or content strategist.
  • Your experience in developing and maintaining templates and stylesheets can aid the process of developing alternative templates in new editors, possibly leading to a role as an XML analyst or stylesheet developer.
  • You can play a key role in customizing style guides and process guidelines to the CCMS environment, perhaps being tapped to be a documentation team leader during the implementation phase and eventually parlaying those skills into a project management role.
  • Considering that a CCMS eliminates task redundancy, you can put the newly created extra time to good use, focusing on increasing your role and visibility within your organization, thus boosting your chances for advancement.
  • If you prefer to remain on a writing path, your exposure to and mastering of the CMS can help you increase the scope of your current role by overseeing large blocks of modular content spanning multiple projects. A CCMS can help you become better and more efficient at your job by being able to deliver more consistent content to your company’s customers and other stakeholders both inside and outside the organization. You may discover that the process of taking on a new challenge will become an invigorating experience that will jumpstart your writing career.

You'll Be Attractive to Other Companies

Even if your current company has limited opportunities for advancement, becoming proficient in a CCMS environment can increase your value on the open market. In addition to having a highly marketable skill set that will increasingly be in demand as more companies migrate to a CCMS, you’ll demonstrate to potential employers that you can be a flexible and adaptable member of their team.

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