Vasont Users Average 71% Content Reuse

Vasont users drastically reduce duplicate content, reporting improved productivity, cost savings, and time-to-market

Vasont Users' Average Content Reuse RateA study conducted by Vasont Systems found that customers using the Vasont Content Management System achieve an average of 71 percent content reuse. The Vasont Content Management System enables organizations to consolidate and manage multilingual content - such as technical documentation, business information, product manuals, and reference materials - as a single source for maximum component-level reuse and multi-channel delivery. This percentage illustrates that Vasont customers reduce their content management load to less than one-third of the volume of content they managed prior to using Vasont.

Vasont users' substantial content reuse resulted in time savings in content creation, revisions, delivery, and translation. One client cut their production time for technical documentation down from eight weeks to one week. Because Vasont stores each piece of unique content only once, duplicate content is eliminated, enabling clients to reap significant savings in time and money.

A Numerical Example

One client stores 228,416 "Sources" components in Vasont. Only 46,043 are unique pieces of content; the remainder being duplicates. Those 46,043 unique "Sources" are reused 182,373 times - an 80 percent reuse rate.

Without Vasont, this client managed each of the 228,416 "Sources" individually, even though many were the same. Eliminating duplicates and managing only unique content freed authors to focus on developing new content and publishing timely and accurate documentation.

Content Reuse Varies

Vasont Users' Average Content Reuse Rate by IndustryContent reuse varies from organization to organization depending on how its content is written and structured. Vasont enables users to store "chunks" of content at any granularity level that is most useful for an organization's editorial process. For example, one organization may prefer to work with content at the chapter level, while another finds the paragraph level to be more efficient. One of the strengths of the Vasont Content Management System is that it can be flexible with the granularity of content, enabling maximum reuse in any situation.

According to the study, content reuse also varies by industry. Technology companies such as software developers have been found to achieve an average of 70 percent content reuse, while manufacturing companies achieve approximately 93 percent content reuse. That means that manufacturing companies, on average, manage only 7 percent unique content and reuse this existing content to create the balance of their material, saving them hours of time in the creation and revision process.

"Many organizations have no idea how much duplicate content they have or how much time they spend rewriting similar content," said Richard Schiding, CEO of Vasont Systems. "When content is stored in Vasont's repository, duplication is automatically detected so that no unique piece of content is stored more than once. Vasont's Content Reuse Report gives users information about how much less content they are managing through Vasont's content reuse capabilities, resulting in a substantial return on investment."


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