Crash Course for Content Management


Start with the Basics in the Crash Course for Content Management

You read about content management in every technology industry publication. It is the term used to represent a broad scope of systems. And now your boss has charged you with researching component content management systems (CCMSs) for your organization, and you do not have the first clue on how to look for and evaluate a component content management system. You need a component content management system class!

You must start at the beginning and cut through all of the technical jargon. You need an easy content management course to explain what it is, who needs a CCMS, and how a CCMS benefits an enterprise

This Crash Course for Content Management is a free, self-paced tool that provides high-level, simple content management training so you can learn the basics quickly to jumpstart your CCMS research.

Let's start with the basics.


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