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How Our Clients Got Started in Content Management

Are you still trying to figure out the next step towards a content management solution for your organization? Read on to find out how some Vasont users got started in content management.

LSI Corporation: In Their Own Words

LSI Corporation (LSI) is the recognized leader in the modular, high-performance disk storage systems industry. A more than 20-year history of researching, developing, and manufacturing innovative storage solutions has positioned LSI as the partner of choice for some of the largest information technology vendors and resellers in the world.


"LSI's problem, a problem we perhaps share with you, is that we are a cost center. Despite the wide range of talents our team regularly displays, our contributions to LSI's bottom line are limited because, while we generate a significant amount of value, we do not generate a corresponding amount of revenue. By making our information development processes more economical, creating new markets for our information, and providing customized information products and services, we moved from a cost center to a revenue-generating organization and realize an economic return on LSIL's investment in our team."

Starting Point:

"Our first step was to understand our starting point. To help us gain insights into our team structure, processes, strengths, and opportunities, we asked a leading industry consultant to complete an assessment of LSI. They helped us understand what we were already doing well, and they provided us recommendations about what we would need to do differently to manage the changes we were effecting and accomplish the objectives we had established. The consultant's report provided detailed recommendations on how we could take our processes to the next level.

Vasont Systems provides a CMS that met all the criteria we identified, and Vasont Systems helped us identify tool-related questions that we should have been asking but were not yet CMS-savvy enough to understand. Vasont Systems provided us a staged implementation of a scalable CMS that interfaces with our information development application and database to help us save a significant amount of time and money. The implementation learning curve has been very manageable, due in large part to Vasont Systems' onsite consulting and role-based training for our team members, as well as to Vasont Systems' responsive support team. These factors have been critical to the successes LSI has accomplished to date. Some of LSI's most significant advances during our implementation have resulted from mapping specific project goals directly to our tool-selection criteria. We evaluated a number of vendors and systems while we developed our strategy, and selecting a system that has meshed so well with our people and processes has helped make the initial phases of our implementation successful."

Medtronic Neuromodulation

Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, Medtronic is the world's leading medical technology company, providing lifelong solutions for people with chronic disease. Medtronic's mission is to alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life for millions of people around the world. With deep roots in the treatment of heart disease, Medtronic now provides a wide range of products and therapies in Cardiac Rhythm Management, Cardiac Surgery, Vascular, Neurological, Diabetes, Spinal, and Navigation. Every six seconds, somewhere in the world, a person's life is saved or improved by a Medtronic product or therapy.


Medtronic realized that their content creation process for their publications was inefficient, cumbersome, and costly. They had limited content reuse in place, which gave them little control over the changes made to their content because they had no way to track the changes. There was no automation for repetitive editorial activities, so creating product information was a manually intensive process. They repeatedly sent "same/like" content to review and translate, an inefficient and costly process. When they analyzed the department's annual budget (65% in English content authoring/editing, 5% in English document composition, and 30% in translation and multilingual composition), it became clear where to focus the solution in order to gain significant savings - content management.

Starting Point:

They identified three choices to get started in content management:

  • Outsource - this option was costly and risky; Medtronic would lose control.
  • Build proprietary system - this option was also costly and would imprison Medtronic into one particular system technology.
  • Buy midrange off-the-shelf and open source technology - a better option; using existing software and expertise and buying only what they needed was more versatile/changeable and easier to grow into, plan, and budget.

They purchased the Vasont content management system because it:

  • Optimizes content reuse to automate control and tracking and reduce review and translations cycle load;
  • Optimizes and automates authoring tasks;
  • Provides a fast-track implementation to support key business initiatives; and
  • Supports report leveraging for business decision-making.