Crash Course for Content Management


Is a Component Content Management System Right for You?

Take this brief survey to determine if a component content management system (CCMS) would benefit your organization:

  • Is your content scattered throughout your company, making it hard to find?
  • Do you copy and paste the same content repeatedly to many different documents?
  • Is it difficult to find all the copies of content when updates must be made?
  • Is it hard to determine which content is in draft, revision, and final stages?
  • Do you rely on a manual process to cross-reference content?
  • Do you have several different versions of the same basic material?
  • Does the quality of your content vary across your document set? (e.g., differing terminology, slightly different messaging)
  • Do you have an excessive number of calls to your support center?
  • Is your content saved in many different formats? (e.g., desktop publishing files, Word files, PDF files)
  • Do you have more editorial or publishing work than manpower?
  • Do you struggle to manage and track which content needs to be translated?
  • Do you translate much of the same content over and over again for different documents?
  • Are you paying too much to run your content through translation memory?
  • Do you delay new product launches because your documentation isn’t ready?
  • Are you using an outdated system to manage your content that creates costly custom programming and causes frequent downtime?
  • Does your current software lack support?
  • Is your review process inefficient for dispersed SMEs? (e.g., reviewers can't see each other’s feedback, scheduling issues)
  • Do you have global content contributors, making it cumbersome to manage across time zones and countries?
  • Are you spending time retyping revisions after reviews are conducted?
  • Do you have to send out entire documents for review?
  • Do you have a hard time tracking your staff’s workload and schedules?
  • Do you struggle to find and compile the information you need for reporting the status of your projects?
  • Does your content lack security?
  • Do you have strict governmental regulations that you must comply with?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, a CCMS will likely provide a solution to your content issues.


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