CMS Starter Kit: The tools you need to research and select a CMS

CMS Starter Kit: Start Here!

The tools you need to research and select a content management system

You have been assigned the task of researching content management systems for your organization. How do you get started?

Searching the Web is a common starting point, but often an overwhelming one. If you type "content management system" into Google, you will get millions and millions of now where do you turn? You need a concise CMS kit to get you started with the basic principles of component content management systems.

Vasont Systems developed this CMS Starter Kit with tools and checklists to help you plan a content management strategy, research and select a content management system, and prepare for its implementation with an effective CMS implementation plan. The tools have a "print version" so you can print them and share them with others in your organization. Use these tools as a starting point and tailor them to suit your own business needs.


CMS Starter Kit Contents

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