Crash Course for Content Management


What is content?


Content is the ingredients used to create a publication. Think of your publication as a a recipe for pizza. There are many ingredients that make up a pizza. There's dough, tomato sauce, cheese, and toppings, like pepperoni and other meats and vegetables.

Just as ingredients make a pizza, content makes a publication. For printed material such as books, reference and training materials, instruction manuals, user's guides, and business documents, content consists of text and graphics. For electronic publications such as Web sites, e-learning programs or e-books, content includes not only text and graphics, but may also include sound and video clips.

Going back to our pizza example, when you mix the right ingredients, you can make a tasty pizza. Likewise, mixing the right pieces of content allows you to cook up a savory publication that will satisfy the appetite of any reader.


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