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What is multichannel publishing?

First, let's digest the term, and then let's look at some examples of how this applies to publishing.

"Multi" means many.
"Channel" means a way into which something may be delivered or directed.

So, multichannel publishing means delivering a publication to your readers in many ways at the same time.

Some people might read your content in a book or a manual, while others might read your content on mobile phones, tablet computers, or Web sites. Visually impaired people might have access to your content through Braille or voice translation devices. Therefore, you need to publish your content in multiple ways through print and digital publishing methods to reach all of these readers.

For example, suppose a pizza is your publication. You can serve a pizza in different ways: on a tray, in a box, round, square, and even as bites. The pizza stays the same, but it is served to customers in different ways to suit their varying tastes and to get a wider base of customers to consume it.

Similarly, a publication can be served to customers in different ways too. A user guide can be delivered as a printed book. At the same time, this user guide can also be digitally published to a Web site and a mobile application. The user guide's content doesn't change; only the way in which it is delivered to the intended reader changes.

People look for information in different places. Because people prefer different methods of receiving information, it's important to publish your content to several print and digital publishing channels to reach a wider audience.

As technology continues to advance, digital publishing will offer more and more options for communicators to get their message out to their readers. Therefore, multi-channel publishing will continue to be an important part of your publishing strategy.

Digital publishing helps your technical writers and content creators author content to various electronic formats. However, publishing content in many different ways at the same time can be challenging when your company doesn't have the resources to facilitate such a task. Vasont Systems' publishing CCMS helps facilitate effective multi channel publishing from one trusted source of content so you can easily place a consistent message in a printed book, on a DVD, on a mobile phone application, on a Web page and more. By digitally publishing content on these various media channels, you allow your message to be reached by a much broader audience and thus can increase your message's frequency and effectiveness.


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