Crash Course for Content Management


What is the value of a CCMS?

Content is one of the most important assets to your company. The content your company produces sets the impression of your company to the rest of the world, so it should be as accurate and easy to find as possible. If you spend a lot of time sifting through multiple files to find the right content, or you are finding multiple documents that have similar content with discrepancies, then a content management system might be something to consider. A component content management system (CCMS) lets you reuse stored content without having multiple copies of the same content, keeps your content organized, and allows a standardized look throughout all of your documentation.

During the search for a CCMS, you will need to justify the cost and efficiency of the CCMS to your management team. They will want to know how this will benefit the organization as a whole before granting a budget for the new tool. You will need to present a business plan with the value of the CCMS and the return it will provide to the company.

Vasont Systems addressed questions about these topics in two webinars series called “Ask us about…”. Content management experts answered questions submitted by webinar attendees about ROI and the value of content management. These topics are something you will come across in your search for a CCMS, and the experts provided good insight that can help you with your business plan.  Please read the following webinar transcripts for more information. 

roi of a content management strategy

value of a structure content strategy