Crash Course for Content Management


Who needs a component content management system?

Organizations need a component content management system if they:

  • Use the same content over and over again in one publication (i.e., a warning in an instruction manual may be used 10 times within that manual).
  • Use the same content in more than one publication or document (i.e., a part number and description in a parts catalog may also be used in the user's guide).
  • Publish their content to more than one media channel (i.e., the content in a printed instruction manual that ships with the product may also be used in the online help information).
  • Publish their content in multiple languages.

The types of publications that these organizations produce might include:

  • Technical documentation (parts catalogs, software documentation, user manuals)
  • Reference materials (encyclopedias, dictionaries, standards guides)
  • Testing and training materials (e-learning programs, testing booklets)
  • Marketing and educational materials (packaging, promotional flyers and ads, brochures)

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