Vasont Systems’ DITA XML Consulting Services

For many companies, adopting Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) is new territory. That’s why we offer consulting services for this XML-based standard, which streamlines your content creation and publishing. With more than 25 years of experience, you can count on our consultants to deliver the in-depth advice, information, and training your company needs to succeed with your component content management system (CCMS).

Learn more about our DITA XML consulting services below.

When Do I Need a DITA Consultant?

At Vasont Systems, our DITA consulting services are useful for several scenarios, including:

1. Managing a Change to DITA

Adopting DITA XML is an investment of your time and resources, as you’re evolving your company’s workflows, documentation processes, and more. That’s why it’s essential your business makes the switch with as few hiccups as possible. Our consultants make sure that happens by evaluating your needs, providing workshop opportunities, and recommending the best strategy for your business.

2. Developing a Content Strategy

Establishing your company’s content strategy is essential with DITA XML. You have to answer a series of questions, such as what information you’re expecting to create to how you’re planning to deliver that content. If you’re unfamiliar with DITA XML, this task can seem daunting. Our DITA consulting services make the process seamless.

3. Building an Information Model

DITA XML features topic-based authoring, which requires creating an information model. This model includes a series of rules, such as for defining how content is developed, organized, linked, tagged, and reused. Establishing this model starts by evaluating your current content. With our DITA consulting, we apply our expertise to creating a model that’s unique to your organization.

4. Localizing Your Content

In today’s global marketplace, making content accessible is critical. Our DITA CCMS features Unicode Transformation Format, including UTF-8 and UTF 16, which manages multilingual translation. Through our DITA consulting service, we’ll discuss how to receive accurate translations fast and talk to your team about reviewing translated files.

5. Publishing Your Content

Developing your publishing pipeline requires a critical eye, as well as a big-picture approach. Our DITA consulting service makes the process easier. Plus, it ensures you receive a streamlined set of style standards so that when you convert content to different file types, from PDFs to HTML, the final products have the required formatting.

6. Documenting Technology Requirements

By developing your content strategy, as well as building your information model, you’ll understand what your company needs when it comes to DITA. Through our consulting services, we’ll walk you through our DITA XML CCMS, as well as provide DITA training for your team. That way, your company is ready to use your CCMS.

Can My Team Succeed Without a DITA Consultant?

Integrating a DITA XML CCMS without the expertise of a consultant is a risk. It’s not uncommon for companies to run into a variety of problems, such as ineffective content strategies, information model rules, or style standards — all of which lead to delays in implementing and using your system.

With our experienced DITA consultants, we help you succeed in the following ways:

  • Increase your success or implementation rate
  • Improve your understanding of DITA
  • Boost your productivity via an effective strategy, information rules, and more
  • Raise your employee adoption rate through in-depth training

As you collaborate with our team, you can expect us to deliver the following services:

  • Strategies for integrating DITA and streamlining it across departments
  • Recommendations for setting information model rules, style standards, and more
  • Tactics for localizing and publishing your content.
  • Opportunities for DITA training or workshops

 In short, when it comes to adopting DITA, we’re here for you from beginning to end.

Let Vasont Systems Help Your Company Increase Its Bottom Line With DITA XML Consulting

With more than 25 years of experience and ISO 9001 certification, as well as an in-depth understanding of DITA XML as a provider, we deliver premium consulting services at Vasont Systems. As your partner, we’re dedicated to helping your company boost productivity and reduce costs with the streamlined services of our CCMS solutions.

Contact us today to see how our DITA XML consulting services can help increase your bottom line.