CCMS Custom Development

At Vasont Systems, we understand no two businesses are exactly alike and each has its own unique content management needs. That's why we offer custom content management system solutions that also allow you to adapt to these needs.

In addition to providing your users with a dynamic and energized content management process for newer technologies, you’ll be able to update content quickly to meet the demands of your customer base.

The Vasont CCMS is a very flexible and configurable content management system that allows users to tailor the system using built-in business logic to meet their specific needs and eliminate much of the custom development costs that other CCMSs require.

Custom Component Content Management System Aspects

For situations that require custom development, Vasont Systems offers analysis and programming skills needed to complete these special projects. Custom component content management system development may include:

  • Creation of Web site applications that interface with the Vasont CCMS: Increase your site's functionality while offering a more robust user experience.
  • Development of data warehouses: Integrate data from the CCMS and present your organization's information in a searchable, customized manner.
  • Special integrations: Use API development to integrate with your various business software packages. Enjoy the advantage of being able to easily share content and integrate processes for users throughout your organization.Examples include Learning Management Systems, Workflow and Tracking Systems, Document Management Systems, Business Process Management Systems and Publishing, Editing and Translation Tools.

Learning Management Systems

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a valuable software tool that facilitates the creation, tracking, management and distribution of educational resources. An LMS can be used for functions such as class roster management, registration control, assessing and testing, and grading and scoring. The Vasont CCMS will enhance your ability to assemble and deliver this content with greater speed and efficiency, while making it easier to reuse it across your entire organization.

Workflow and Tracking Systems

These days, organization must be able to effectively manage multiple workflows on both a department and enterprise level. Integrating your workflow management software with the Vasont CCMS enables you to create any workflow process your organization needs, as well as track and measure all processes and outcomes. Additionally, you will be able to ensure that all business applications work together smoothly and seamlessly.

Document Management Systems

If yours is like most organizations these days, you are contemplating or have already made the transition from paper to electronic documentation. A DMS enables you to store, manage and track electronic documents with maximum speed and efficiency. Integrating your DMS with the Vasont CCMS will allow you to enhance the capabilities of various DMS functions such as version control, audit trails and storage, while also improving document retrieval flexibility and providing greater security and access control.

Business Process Management Systems

BPM is a multi-phase function designed to optimize an organization’s end-to-end business processes by clarifying and simplifying its strategic direction, more efficiently aligning and allocating its resources, and enhancing operational discipline. A BPM-Vasont CCMS integration will prove invaluable in helping you further streamline these processes and enable all work systems to function as one efficient unit, as opposed to separate, independent entities.

Publishing, Editing and Translation Tools

Integrating the Vasont CCMS with your publishing, editing and translation tools will improve your document production processes in a number of ways. You will experience greater consistency in the replication of multilingual content, publish large amounts of content across multiple publication channels and distribute content faster than ever. Additionally, individual users with have greater freedom to access the production tools they need for their specific publishing and editing applications.

Modification of the Vasont CCMS

The Vasont CCMS includes exclusive business logic that allows you to modify its functionality to meet your unique requirements. For instance, you will be able to optimize your publishing process by creating specialized indexing. A travel organization can modify the Vasont CCMS for unique content processing functions, specifically those involving language and translation. The Vasont CCMS can  automate complex calculations for scientific content, ensuring greater speed and accuracy than when performing manual calculations. Organizations in the technology sector can tailor the Vasont CCMS features to their work processes that are specific to their industry.

You can use our application programming interface to extend the Vasont CCMS application or create a custom CCMS development solution while still using the powerful business logic built into Vasont.

Custom Component Content Management Systems for Companies in a Wide Range of Industries

Vasont Systems has experience in the custom development of software for content management for companies in the following industries:

  • Healthcare:  We can provide a custom content management system for healthcare and pharmaceutical entities such as medical device manufacturers, drug companies and life sciences organizations, including those that must meet and maintain CFR Title 21 compliance.
  • Technology: Understanding the heavy content reuse that is commonplace in the technology industry, we can offer custom development of a CCMS that will allow you to reuse content with greater efficiency. This can also serve as an impactful cost-cutting measure.
  • Manufacturing: We have successfully engaged in customized content management system development for manufacturing entities in industries such as automotive, marine and mining. Your CCMS will provide a number of important benefits, such as improved content accuracy and security and enhanced communication throughout your organization.
  • Financial: Banks, investment companies and insurance agencies are just a few of the many types of financial entities that can use a custom content management system to reduce operating costs, increase transparency, manage risk and maintain compliance with all regulatory requirements.
  • Government and Defense: Use of a custom content manager in military and defense installations facilitates content centralization, increases content accuracy and enhances security. It can also shorten editorial cycles to ensure the timely delivery of updated government publications.
  • Travel & Transportation: Airlines, travel agencies, bus lines and car rental agencies can use a customized content management system to reuse content over multiple channels and enhance content accuracy. The improved translation capabilities meet the needs of multilingual travel and transportation operations.

Custom Content Management System: Improve Efficiency and Profits

We specialize in custom CCMS development that makes doing business easier and more profitable. If you’re new to the world of content management, we offer a variety of online CCMS training courses via Vasont University. We also offer a variety of CCMS consulting services to help you develop the right Vasont custom content management system for your unique business needs. These include:

  • Analysis of your Vasont content management system usage to provide ideas for improvement
  • Providing suggestions for integration with other business systems to improve operating efficiency
  • Reviewing your content configuration to provide suggestions for more effective content reuse
  • Assistance with strategy development to improve workflow and content sharing between departments

We’ll also be there to help you with the implementation of your custom content management system and provide the training you need to launch it successfully. You'll have full access to an implementation team consisting of a Project Leader, Analyst, Developer and Trainer. Contact Vasont Systems today to learn more.