CMS - Special Integrations

In today's rapidly changing business climate, you need access to a reliable content management system. Depending on your company's unique needs, you may benefit from a business software solution that integrates with your other business systems or applications. Special integrations involve the use of API development to integrate with your existing software packages.

With our Vasont CMS special integrations, you’ll be able to share content and integrate processes to a wider range of co-workers, departments, divisions and even remote associates. An integrated CMS solution also offers maximum flexibility for completing special projects and meeting any other content management needs unique to your company or industry.

Integrated Content Management Systems for a Variety of Needs

With our integrated business software solutions, the sky is the limit. Here are some examples of how you can benefit from integrating the Vasont CMS with your existing applications or business systems:

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Effectively integrate the Vasont CMS with a LMS used in your organization for a more powerful learning experience. Enhance your ability to assemble and deliver learning content with greater speed and efficiency, while making it easier to reuse across your entire organization.

Workflow and Tracking Systems

Successfully integrate essential workflow systems with the Vasont CMS for different types of jobs or processes to achieve greater efficiency. You'll also have the capability of integrating any automated tracking systems you currently may be using.

Document Management Systems

Our integrated content management system solutions can mean greater document management for you. Integrating your document management systems with the Vasont CMS can improve enterprise document sharing and retrieval flexibility. Our solutions can also improve document security while controlling the document distribution process.

Business Process Management Systems

Improve the consistency of your business processes. In addition to the efficiency of more streamlined processes, you’ll also enjoy an increase in employee satisfaction. Enhance the ability of your processing systems to function as one dynamic unit instead of a variety of separate independently functioning entities.

Editing, Translation, and Publishing Tools

Integrate the Vasont CMS with your editing, translation, and publishing tools. You’ll be able to automate your production processes and track your projects' statuses while providing users with easier access to their preferred production tools.

Why Choose Vasont for Your CMS Needs?

Vasont provides dynamic content management system solutions for businesses of all sizes. With our dynamic CMS, you'll have the ability to conditionalize content to meet the specific needs of customers, allowing you to improve your level of service. You can also alter content for suitable delivery to today’s newer media devices and technologies such as smartphones and tablet computers.

In essence, an integrated CMS offers a more productive user experience and makes you more competitive in the marketplace.

More Than 60 Years of Information Management Experience

Vasont Systems has more than 60 years of experience in providing effective content management solutions for the information management and publishing industry. Our CMS solutions can manage and produce multilingual technical documentation, product and training manuals, and reference materials for industries ranging from manufacturing and technology to healthcare.

Discover how an integrated content management system solution from Vasont Systems can benefit your organization.