Content Management Training Courses

Vasont User GroupVasont User Group Meeting

Vasont Systems hosts an annual training and networking opportunity for Vasont CCMS users: The Vasont User Group Meeting.

Managers, technical administrators and editorial users gain valuable training, insight and knowledge about the system and related topics to help them manage their content with the Vasont CCMS on a daily basis. Upcoming new features are also unveiled prior to release, and special training topics have included presentations by partners and consultants.

Attending the Vasont Annual Users' Group Meeting also provides the opportunity to network with other users and learn how they have implemented the system. It is also a great time to meet with Vasont Systems' staff to discuss suggestions and enhancements.

Vasont Users' Group Meeting attendees also receive a special rate on Vasont University content management training courses that are featured during the event. These courses provide hands-on training exercises to apply the concepts learned.

Clients can learn more about upcoming meetings by registering for our Users' Zone.

Vasont University

Vasont UniversityVasont Systems offers complete Vasont Component Content Management System training courses to its clients' users and system administrators. In addition, for the programmer or technical user, training is offered on the Vasont API and processing options.

A variety of general CCMS training courses and workshops are also offered to complement the Vasont CCMS. These comprehensive programs include course offerings and instruction in:

  • DITA
  • XML and SGML
  • DTD creation and content modeling
  • DTD implementation
  • Structured authoring and editing

In order to get the most utility out of the technology you invest in, it’s important to know how to use it. Even the most technologically-competent person can have difficulties understanding the functionality available in any piece of software or content management system.

At Vasont Systems, we understand the learning curve that comes with understanding technology. We also understand that you have options when it comes to how you spend your money. Sometimes, the product isn’t as important as the service that comes with it.

To enhance our offerings, we regularly host content management training courses. We believe that the relationship between a company and its customers is a long-term commitment that goes both ways. When you invest in our product, we invest right back in you through CCMS training courses — making sure you receive all the support you need to succeed.

Whether you’re a manager, editorial user, or systems administrator, our CCMS training courses will answer your questions and help you get the most out of our product. We’re confident that these courses will help you increase your knowledge of our CCMS and become more productive when using it.


For educational information regarding content management and surrounding topics, please see our list of Resources for Content Management and XML Strategies in the CCMS Starter Kit that are available for purchase from our partners.