Vasont Systems and Adobe®: Partners in Your Content Management Success

AdobeVasont Systems has partnered with Adobe® to deliver a superior content management solution for corporate writers and editors. The Vasont® CMS serves as the control tower for your structured and unstructured content, facilitating the management of the content itself as well as the processes surrounding the content, while the Adobe Technical Communication Suite provides the editing and publishing power to deliver your content.

In conjunction with these Adobe products, the Vasont CMS software controls when content is ready for editing, publishing, review and translations; it controls who it goes to and it controls when it’s due back. Our CMS software extensions for Adobe tools create an easy-to-use integration between the Vasont CMS and select applications in the Adobe Technical Communication Suite.

About Adobe

Established in 1982, Adobe Systems Incorporated is a Californina-based computer software company that is widely recognized as a worldwide leader in digital media and digital marketing solutions. Products such as Adobe FrameMaker®,Adobe FrameMaker XML Author®, Adobe RoboHelp®, Adobe InDesign® and Adobe Acrobat® help users create innovative digital content, deploy it across multiple channels and manage it efficiently. The Adobe-Vasont Systems relationship offers users an enhanced content management experience through superior authoring, publishing and editing capabilities.

Adobe's XML Authoring Tools and the Vasont CMS

Adobe FrameMaker is the best-in-class XML editing tool that also enables you to publish to multiple formats, channels and screens. The Vasont Universal Integrator (VUI) for FrameMaker is a software extension of the Vasont CMS that makes for an easy interface to this XML editing tool. The VUI for FrameMaker lets you enjoy a streamlined writing and publishing process, as well as enhanced editing, reuse, version and audit trail control. Writers and editors working in FrameMaker can access text, graphics and workflow tasks from the Vasont CMS through an easy-to-use menu on FrameMaker's toolbar.

Adobe FrameMaker XML Author software offers XML/DITA authoring with complete DTD support that’s simplified yet powerful for content developers. When used in conjunction with the Vasont CMS using our VUI integration, writers can easily author with an intuitive user interface, and they can leverage MathML equation support for more technical content.

Vasont CMS Software for Adobe's Publishing Tools

Vasont Systems offers CMS software solutions for Adobe publishing tools such as Adobe Publishing Server, InDesign and RoboHelp®. The Vasont CMS with InDesign and other Adobe publishing software solutions are capable of delivering top quality, formatted content across multiple media channels.

About Vasont Systems

Vasont Systems is a full-service content management solutions provider committed to increasing the publishing and editing efficiency for companies of all types and sizes. All Vasont/Adobe CMS software solutions come with a high level of customer support for initial implementation, setup and configuration as well as ongoing support along the way. Discover how the Vasont/Adobe partnership can provide a superior content management experience for your company. Contact us for more information about our Adobe integrations with the Vasont CMS software.