Vasont® CCMS Extensions: Integrating Content Management with Editing, Review, and Publishing Tools

Designed so that it is easy for non-technical writers to initiate and use, the Vasont CCMS Extensions integrate the Vasont CCMS's powerful functionality with leading editing, review, presentation and both print and digital publishing tools - allowing users to streamline and automate XML editorial, and publishing processes.

Extensions for Editing Tools

Vasont Universal Integrator (VUI): An Easy Interface to XML Editing Tools

wrench on keyboardThe Vasont Universal Integrator (VUI) is a software extension of the Vasont CCMS that makes it easy for non-technical users to access the content management system. The VUI streamlines the writing and publishing process by providing an editorial interface so that authors and editors can access the Vasont CCMS's functionality from the main menu of their favorite authoring and publishing tools, such as:



Learn more about the Extensions for Adobe® Tools here.

A simple "Vasont" menu item appears in the users' editing tool allowing them to open an intuitive navigator window and perform critical Vasont CCMS functions. Because the VUI eliminates the need for users to go back-and-forth between the Vasont CCMS and their editing application, they can work within their XML editor while accessing, editing, and updating their content in the Vasont CCMS. The Vasont CCMS manages and tracks all reuse, repurposing, and versioning behind the scenes, even as changes are made in the editing application, to provide a more efficient production cycle.

Other integrations are possible through the VUI. Contact us for more information.

Extensions for Review Tools

Vasont® Collaborative Review

The Vasont Component Content Management System offers a built-in Collaborative Review package to help manage reviewers, expedite review cycles of content, and track the history of completed review projects. This tool provides automatic notification to the reviewers and allows them to provide feedback and collaborate with other reviewers in the cycle. Editors can accept or reject changes while maintaining a record of all comments and feedback for future reference. The textual changes automatically update the XML content without retyping the changes into the database, saving hours of time and eliminating typing errors. With this tool, documentation will show improved quality and increased usability while providing faster review cycles and a thorough audit trail.

Extensions for Publishing Tools

Vasont's WebWorks® Extension

For users who publish to multiple media channels such as PDF and compiled help files, Vasont provides an integration with WebWorks® ePublisher Pro. This extension automates the process of compiling and extracting content from Vasont and publishing it in multiple formats using WebWorks ePublisher Pro. Users stage content for publishing in Vasont and Vasont's WebWorks extension does the rest of the work automatically, making it quick and easy for users to complete the publishing process.

Extensions for Translations’s GlobalLink® Product Suite

Now more than ever, businesses have the ability to reach audiences all over the world. While taking the big step into the global market holds great opportunity for businesses, it also creates more responsibility in terms of translating content. Accurately translating documents into multiple languages can be extremely time-consuming for a company. If your documents are carelessly put together and aren’t easily accessible you’re not only wasting time and money, but you’re risking the reputation of your company. With help of Vasont Systems and’s GlobalLink® Product Suite, we can help automate and accelerate your company’s global content translation and management processes.

Learn more about GlobalLink Integration.