Vasont Systems Offers Fast and Reliable Translation Management Solutions with its GlobalLink Integration

For many companies, the ability to thrive and even survive in the 21st century will depend, in large part, on their proficiency at competing in the international marketplace. Among the many challenges faced by companies attempting to do business with foreign entities is overcoming the language barriers that can inhibit effective communication and collaboration. Key documents and content — including technical manuals,training resources, and reference materials — must be produced in multiple languages to accommodate new global business partners.  

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The Importance of Accurate Document Translation

It's essential for global organizations to translate all of their critical business content in order to conduct business at the international level. Precise execution of language translations is critical for assuring accurate, reliable collaboration with an international customer base. Therefore, having access to a dependable multilingual content management solution is vital to the success of any global business operation.

Vasont CCMS and the GlobalLink Product Suite

Fortunately, for those companies, the Vasont CCMS provides capabilities that allow translation management for content and can easily integrate with other translation solutions, such as's GlobalLink® Product Suite. is a leading global provider of reliable enterprise localization solutions with offices on six continents and offers a wide assortment of translation services encompassing more than 170 languages.

GlobalLink was made in order for companies to improve each step of the localization workflow, making it the best solution for documentation, software, and web content requirements. The integration of the Vasont CMS and GlobalLink enables transmission of approved content and its resulting translations between the two solutions. Because no human intervention is required to prepare or transmit files, the integration can reduce cycle times by more than 50 percent.

What Is GlobalLink?

The GlobalLink Product Suite is designed to simplify each phase of the localization process. The platform consists of a series of independently functioning modular applications that can also work well as part of an integrated translation management solution.

Key GlobalLink benefits include:

  • Accelerated time to market
  • Significant reduction in localization costs
  • Enhanced global content quality and consistency
  • Greater content control and security

Seamless Behind-the-Scenes Integration

The combination of the Vasont CCMS and GlobalLink is conducted behind the scenes in a direct manner, making the translation process a quick and easy task for everyone involved. Document writers and editors will be able to receive the accurate translations they require without having to endure lengthy and costly delays.

The management and translation of essential content will become a simple, unified process that will facilitate communication with your business partners around the world. The translation management solution will also help lower your costs, cycle times, and drive efficiencies, no matter where your global market takes you.

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