Vasont® Component Content Management System: Perpetual Content Management for Critical Business Information

Testimonial from HPVasont Systems provides the Vasont® Component Content Management System (CCMS) - one of the best component CMS systems for your critical business information. With the Vasont CCMS, you can easily and effectively manage one of your biggest corporate assets: Content.

Whether you publish technical documentation, standards and reference manuals, catalogs or training materials, the best CCMS software to achieve the highest level of content reuse, repurposing and multichannel publishing is component content management software.

Content shapes your corporate image, determines your customer satisfaction rating and affects sales. So it is critical that your content provides accurate and consistent messaging, whether it is delivered on the Web, on mobile devices or in printed publications in any language. With the Vasont CMS, you can do just that.

One of the Best CCMS Systems for Today’s Evolving Businesses

Built-in business logic is what makes the Vasont CCMS one of the best CCMS systems for the business needs of today and tomorrow. You can customize the CCMS for your company’s specific needs, without having to change the base code. This also simplifies the maintenance of your CCMS system.

With complete customization options, the Vasont CCMS allows you to do more with fewer resources — and update your system as your business evolves. With the Vasont CCMS, you can manage special processing, automatic attribute updates, automated processes, and more.  

A CCMS System Designed for Your Company

Because the Vasont CCMS is configurable, it can easily adapt to your business needs. This means you’ll benefit from a CCMS system that is designed for your particular content type and work processes. Contact Vasont Systems' team today to learn how we can meet your most challenging content needs.

Component Content Management: The Best CCMS Software for Maximum Content Reuse and Quality

CCMS systems manage content at the sub-document level, giving organizations control over their topics, components, and even individual words. The Vasont CCMS offers the following superior and unique functionality for maximum content reuse and integrity:

Feature Description Benefit
Support for all DTDs simultaneously Vasont CCMS supports standards such as DITA, SCORM or DocBook, and custom DTDs with the ability to use multiple DTDs in one database. Provides a flexible environment and ensures your content will never become outdated.
Versatile content reuse Vasont CCMS provides  content reuse of modules, components, words, graphics, multimedia and translations. Provides content integrity.
Advanced search capabilities Vasont CCMS's easy interface enables complex searches for text, graphics, documents and metadata. Helps you find the right content when you need it.
Comprehensive storage of content Structured and unstructured content is all managed together in one place - in the Vasont CCMS repository. Provides flexibility in content granularity.
Controlled vocabulary Manage terminology across your entire writing team. Promotes consistency in your corporate messaging.
Content control Vasont CCMS provides immediate notifications to content owners when changes occur. Safeguards content from unauthorized changes.
Release management Vasont CCMS provides capabilities for branching and merging multiple versions of content. Organizes multiple, simultaneous processes and coordinates content changes
Strong project management Monitor and track projects and subprojects by date, content and users to keep them on schedule. Easy tracking, reporting and analysis
Integrated collaborative review Reviewers can markup content with changes and suggestions while viewing other reviewers' comments simultaneously. Once changes are accepted or rejected, the content is automatically updated in the Vasont CCMS. Minimizes the need for manual updating of reviewers' changes
Translation management Vasont CCMS has complete Unicode Transformation Format (UTF-8 and UTF 16) support capabilities for translation management at the subdocument level. In Vasont CCMS's Translation Management package, translation projects can be quoted, initiated, and tracked through the entire translation process. Provides translation project information at your fingertips while saving you money on translation costs
Highly configurable solution Vasont CCMS has built-in administrative tools for content configuration and process management. Lower customization costs and easy administration of the CCMS
Flexible content tagging model Vasont CCMS allows content migration to alternate DTDs or tag names for reuse in different contexts and adoption of new content standards Increases content integrity and future-proofs your content