Control Content with the Vasont® DITA Component Content Management System

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The Vasont® DITA Component Content Management System (CCMS) focuses on the DITA standard by providing DITA-specific functionality and reporting. Our DITA XML content management system allows you to search content with ease, control user access to content, and analyze reused content’s ROI, all under a protective umbrella of advanced security.

Advantages of DITA Content Management

DITA publishing maximizes the productivity for topic-based content. In addition to the unique functionality of the Vasont CCMS model, the Vasont DITA Content Management System provides additional DITA-specific features:

Feature Description Benefit
Enhanced searching of components and attributes with no special processing Vasont’s DITA content management capabilities allow users to search for content components and attributes without special processing, including Boolean and complex searches. Allows you to search across DITA content and metadata without incurring extra time or cost
Intelligent interaction between referenced content Vasont’s DITA solution facilitates intelligent, bi-directional interaction between source and target conrefs. Manages global revisions and content reuse effectively
Modular content management DITA maps and their corresponding topics can be viewed and processed concurrently. Speeds up the content processing times to help meet schedules
Related topic- and map-level workflows Workflows for maps and their corresponding topics are integrated with checkpoints and alerts at relevant steps in the DITA XML content management system’s processes. Controls publishing of incomplete or unapproved content
Management of multiple active branches The Vasont DITA CCMS processes and monitors multiple active maps and topics in simultaneous releases for better DITA management. Provides coordination and automatic tracking across multiple releases running concurrently
Missing or broken reference reports Reports generated from the Vasont DITA CCMS provide information on unresolved errors that will negatively affect the publishing process. Prevents errors in publishing before content goes live, assuring you won’t need to backtrack and hunt for errors
Full integration with the free DITA Open Toolkit DITA content can be published from the Vasont DITA CCMS directly through the DITA Open Toolkit to provide access to a wide range of deliverables including PDF publishing and compiled help. Provides free DITA publishing tools for multichannel delivery
Advanced Security Vasont Systems' excellent administrative capabilities ensure only authorized users can access your DITA content management system. You control all user and content access rights. Guards against costly data breaches and allows you to concentrate on content management instead of security issues
Translation management With complete Unicode Transformation Format capabilities (UTF 8 and UTF 16), our DITA content management system supports multilingual translation and reuse at both topic and component levels. Saves significantly on translation costs
Tracking and Measurement of Content Reuse Our DITA content management interface shows where and who uses content at all times and provides statistics and reports on content use. Allows you to quickly evaluate the ROI on reused content
Project Management Managers and leaders can view the progress and status of all content within the Vasont DITA content management system, receiving instant notifications of changes to its status. Quickly view content maps for accurate analysis of project progression