Vasont WebLNX®: Efficient, Web-Based XML Editor Anywhere, Anytime

Vasont WebLNX® (pronounced "WebLinks") expedites the editorial and publishing cycles by providing an easy-to-use Web site for content contributors to submit updates on their content to the Vasont CMS from anywhere, anytime. The XML software makes working with structured content simple for writers who are not familiar with XML.

Web Browser-Based XML Content Editor for Casual Users

Vasont WebLNX provides a virtual XML content editor on a Web site for contributing authors, subject matter experts (SMEs) and casual writers who are not day-to-day Vasont CMS users to interact with an organization's editorial staff to review and edit their XML content residing in the Vasont CMS. The Vasont CMS is software that allows you to publish XML content to multiple media channels in many different languages, all from one trusted source.

Vasont WebLNX's simple Web interface provides immediate access from anywhere in the world using a Web browser and Internet connection. Its editorial interface makes editing XML content easier and completely transparent for users who do not have experience using XML. Vasont WebLNX is driven by the workflow in the Vasont CMS to speed up production cycles by automating collaboration with remote content contributors. This tool integrates with the Vasont CMS and complements XML publishing systems.

Feature Description Benefit
Web access to content Vasont WebLNX gives remote content contributors access to the content they are responsible for via a secure Web site. Continuous access to your content 24/7/365 from any type of computer.
Simple XML editorial interface Content contributors can review and edit their content in an easier, transparent XML editor interface. Allows contributors with no knowledge of XML to edit structured content.
Security and protection Vasont WebLNX's administrative capabilities ensure that only authorized users can access the content with their unique IDs and passwords. In addition, content is securely encrypted as it is transported across the Web. Ensures content security and integrity.
Workflow The Vasont CMS's automated workflow capability drives the editorial process through Vasont WebLNX and allows users to efficiently review and edit content through checkpoints and e-mail notifications. Reduces the editorial cycle timeline and ensures all steps are completed.
Automated change tracking Vasont WebLNX automatically tracks the editorial changes made to the content by contributors. Keeps an audit trail of changes to content, allowing enterprises to meet demanding industry compliance requirements and comprehensive content tracking demands.
Green editorial environment Vasont WebLNX eliminates millions of paper proofs by allowing editors to work virtually with content contributors across the globe. Conserves natural resources.

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