vasont inspireVasont Inspire: The Next Generation XML Content Authoring and Collaboration Solution

It's never been easier for content contributors and subject matter experts to create and edit their content. Vasont Inspire presents an intuitive and simple user experience to advance the content development and publishing cycles for content contributors that are not familiar with the dynamics of XML. This web-based XML publishing system can be conveniently accessed anywhere, anytime for prompt updates.

Easy XML Content Editor for Technical Communication

professionalsVasont Inspire provides a simple XML content editor for non-technical content authors, content contributors, and subject matters experts to update and edit their content quickly and easily. The user-friendly editorial environment speeds up production cycles by automating collaboration. It allows contributors to preview and comment on work in progress with other contributors while still accessing and storing content in a CMS software publishing environment supported by XML behind the scenes.

Content contributors can create and edit structured content effortlessly in Vasont Inspire’s XML software anywhere at any time.  This XML publishing system can be accessed with only a web browser and an internet connection for swift updates to important content. 

Vasont Systems offers XML services to help new users get the Vasont Inspire XML publishing system implemented and up to speed quickly.

Feature Description Benefit
Web access to content Vasont Inspire gives remote content authors access to content in a secure web browser environment. Access to content anytime, anywhere, 24/7 and 365 days a year.
Easy user experience for content editing and development in XML A light authoring solution allows non-technical authors to create content in a transparent editorial interface that hides the XML tags so the content appears normally. Easily create and edit XML content.
Content security Using single sign-on (SSO) technology, Vasont Inspire ensures content protection through administrative capabilities that only grant access to authorized users with the proper credentials. Ensures the integrity and protection of the content.
Easy project management This solution organizes and manages assignments by project. Provides quick and easy tracking of projects and assignments for managers.


Vasont Inspire gives the ability to generate productivity and scheduling reports. Makes tracking projects and assignments within the project effortless and evident. 


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