Why Choose the Vasont Component Content Management System?

At Vasont Systems, we believe the best content management systems are those that work for you and adapt to the complex editorial and content handling needs of your organization. That's why we've designed the Vasont CCMS to be extremely flexible, making it possible to meet the content challenges of even the largest organizations. Available for any standard, including DITA, DocBook, MIL specs, and custom DTDs, the Vasont CCMS is easy to learn and uses configurable processes to make your content handling more organized, efficient, and secure. Investing in the best CCMS possible can boost your productivity and increase your bottom line.

Choose Vasont Systems' content management solutions if any of the following apply to you:

  • You want an easy, intuitive solution for your staff to manage and collaborate on multilingual technical documents, reference, and training materials, and other publications.
  • Your content management needs would be better served by a system that allows for special processing, automation, and other custom options.
  • Your content is frequently updated or revised, and you want an easy way to manage changes across multiples versions of the same document.
  • Your organization has an international reach, and dealing with multiple languages and time zone differences is a daily challenge.
  • You work with specialized content, such as scientific or highly technical data, and want to save time by automating complex processes.
  • Your staff frequently has trouble finding the documents/content they are looking for.
  • Your current content management system is prone to frequent outages or security breaches.
  • You want to maximize the productivity of your editorial and support staff by simplifying content management across the board.
  • You work with multiple file formats and frequently encounter compatibility issues.
  • Your organization is subject to mandated governmental regulations or internal quality control systems such as ISO 9000.
  • The document review and translation processes in your organization are needlessly complicated or inefficient.
  • Your business requirements include supporting multiple content models (e.g., DITA, DocBook, custom DTDs) in one repository.
  • You want ongoing expert support of a company that has been committed to developing the best content management systems for healthcare companies, manufacturers, financial institutions, government agencies, technology providers, publishers, and any other organization that places a high value on storing and organizing their corporate content assets.


The Vasont Difference

For more than 20 years, Vasont Systems has been developing software that meets the complex content management needs of clients all over the world. We believe the best content management systems are intuitive and transparent — they save you time and money by simplifying your workflow without stifling creativity or collaboration, or impeding access to important data. If you're new to content management, you can learn more about the benefits of a Vasont CCMS by taking our Crash Course for Content Management. Anyone currently in the market for a new system can use our CCMS Starter Kit, a free tool for evaluating your organization's content needs and selecting the product that's right for you.