Vasont Inspire: Light Authoring Software – The Simple Authoring Solution

Many organizations have subject matter experts such as doctors, scientists, researchers, travel experts, and others who are creating and editing some of their content. These content contributors often create their content in Microsoft Word and have no desire to learn more advanced authoring technologies like XML.

This frequently results in subject matter experts emailing documents to each other in order to “collaborate” with an editor who then must manually transfer content revisions from many documents to a single, compiled document. Hence, a number of issues arise, including:

  • Lost content
  • Duplicated content
  • Lost or inconsistent changes
  • No way to track the changes in the editing process
  • Unable to revert back to previous content if needed
  • Human error from manually transferring content
  • Inconsistent changes, content, and voice
  • Costly mistakes

These mistakes can be solved by implementing a simple authoring solution to make the process of creating XML content basic and uncomplicated. Content contributors, especially subject matter experts who only develop content sporadically, need straightforward authoring software for writers with no training. An authoring software for doctors, researchers, or other content developers who are not professional technical writers must provide a simple user experience to eliminate these issues and allow these content contributors a way to effortlessly complete their work.

The Solution : A Light Authoring System

This system provides a simple, easy user interface for writers with no technical skills or training to develop content. Subject matter experts and other contributors are able to create and edit content in a web-based light authoring software for non-technical writing that streamlines their tasks. Writers have access to a user-friendly transparent interface in a simple authoring software that allows them to work with XML content without the knowledge of XML. Content can be stored in the Vasont Inspire CCMS allowing reuse, change tracking, audit trails, and workflow capabilities.

Easy Web Access

An intuitive user experience allows authors to access their content at home, in the office, or on the road. All that is needed to access the light authoring solution is a web browser and an internet connection—it’s that simple. This eliminates the issue of problematic corporate firewalls and gives contributors access to the content anywhere they may need.

Ownership of single source content

All content is stored as one single source in a central repository, eliminating duplicate and redundant content and minimizing the footprint of your content base by more than 50%. Authors may be assigned as content owners for specific topics, giving them sole editorial privileges for that content. Content can be viewed and reused by non-owners to keep the publishing process moving along on schedule.

Ability to Manage User Accounts

Each user is given a set of credentials that is managed by the system administrator. User accounts have roles and permissions assigned that only allow them to view and edit specific content, keeping it safe and secure. Roles, such as a writer or reviewer, are defined to more easily maintain system processes, eliminating frequent system maintenance for user accounts.

Project Management at a Glance

At-a-glance status reviews allow managers to track all of the editorial assignments made on their projects. They can quickly see who completed projects and which ones are overdue or outstanding. The information can be sorted for reporting on productivity or user workloads. Overloaded schedules can be rebalanced to help maintain schedules and meet deadlines.